What do tortillas and 1.5 million orphans in Mexico have in common? An industry that cares, says Daniel J. Booker, president and founder of The Lord’s Chips, a public charity committed to improving the lives of special-needs orphans in Mexico. 

Endorsed by the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA), The Lord’s Chips is partnering with the tortilla industry to raise money for orphanages and orphans in Mexico. Donations are dispersed monthly and yearly to institutions that are first evaluated by The Lord’s Chips scouts to determine their and their residents’ needs. The organization also follows up with donation recipients to monitor how the money is being used.

The Lord’s Chips makes pre-grant inquiries into the recipient’s tax-exempt status and charitable purpose to help ensure that it will use the donations for the orphans’ benefit.  The organization currently is trying to raise funds for 15 special-needs children at an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico, that it supports. To that end, the organization is inviting 2013 Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) Convention and Trade Exposition attendees to visit its booth (#535) to watch a short video explaining its mission. The TIA convention will be held May 10-11 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Individuals and companies interested in learning more about The Lord’s Chips can also visit www.thelordschips.org.