QualiTech Food Ingredients, a Chaska, Minn.-based maker of inclusions that boost the flavor, texture and function of baked goods, snack items and other prepared foods, launches of a series of operations enhancements to enrich customer service, increase capacity, elevate food-safety practices and strengthen sustainability initiatives.

“We support marquis global brands, so operational excellence is imperative,” says Rudy Roesken, general manager/corporate vice president of food ingredients. “It’s a huge responsibility that we take seriously. The improvements we’ve made will enable us to better service our clients and ensure that those brands continue to flourish.”

Improvements made at QualiTech include:

• New heating and cooling systems to create an ideal environment for food safety and quality .

• New processing equipment and advances in process flows to increase capacity, ease and shorten cleaning time and enhance product quality and consistency.

• New laboratory equipment for better product testing and process verification.

• Sustainable measures, including energy-efficient equipment, to decrease energy, water and chemical use and lessen overall environmental impact.

“This major investment in infrastructure allows us to keep up with demand and stay on the very forefront of the quality systems that exist in our industry,” says Mike Hodgens, chief operating officer. “We believe the best way to serve our customers and comply with global food security regulations is to stay ahead of the trend, anticipate the upcoming needs, and exceed expectations.”

The facility enhancements come on the heels of an elite certification recently awarded to the company. Earlier this year, QualiTech earned its third “A” rating for its food-processing facility under the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard. BRC is a global leader in third-party food safety standards.