Leclerc Foods USA, a manufacturer of cookies, snack bars and crackers based in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec, has acquired a 166,500-sq.-ft. building in Phoenix to expand its North American food manufacturing operations.

“This acquisition fits our business vision and corporate development strategy,” says Denis Leclerc, president. “It will allow us to position ourselves near our U.S. clients as well as hone in on food trends in the U.S. West Coast.”

The facility will be equipped with a brand-new production line for nutritional bars and is designed to offer consumers a full selection of organic products and products containing no genetically modified ingredients.

According to Leclerc, the acquisition represents growth potential that will enable the company to set up strategic locations to more easily serve markets such as the U.S. West Coast, Mexico and South America. “Not only are we increasing our production capacity, but we will also achieve substantial savings on transportation costs by being closer to key markets,” explains Leclerc.

The nearly $50 million facility is expected to generate up to 100 new jobs.