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The Long Co. hired Green Endeavor Inc., a Portland, OR, company that provides environmentally focused solutions for industry, to provide consulting and product procurement services for its members. Based in Chicago, The Long Co. is an independent baker’s co-op that assists its members with the management of all bakery operations and profitability.

Long signed with Green Endeavor to review chemical use, manufacturing processes and other areas in which it may be possible for baking companies to reduce their overall environmental impact. After a full assessment, Green Endeavor will recommend safer, more environmentally friendly replacement solutions.

Bakeries, like many other industrial companies, face the ongoing challenges and costs associated with using caustic and acidic chemicals in their manufacturing and cleaning processes. In addition, they must keep up with changing local and federal regulations pertaining to the use of various chemical solutions used to perform essential, operational tasks.

“The Long Co. has made a powerful statement by proactively engaging Green Endeavor,” says B. Scott Taylor, CEO, Green Endeavor. “Food manufacturing is under constant scrutiny by safety and environmental watchdog groups and must adhere to strict regulations. By asking us to recommend and source less caustic, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions, they are creating a critical advantage for their members.”

For the past three years, Green Endeavor has provided similar solutions to a broad range of industrial leaders, including Parker Hannifin Corp., Waste Management and the Kellogg Co., to prove that there are industrial solutions available today that are better for the health of employees and the environment and also make sound economic sense.

“Our main objective at The Long Co. is to provide ‘best practice’ advice and excellent customer service to our members,” says Bill Zimmerman, president. “We are committed to finding solutions that make economic sense, keep our members and their employee’s safer, and minimize the bakery industry’s impact on the environment.”