The Condry cone central shaft dryer features a large “static” heated surface area (vessel walls) and large “dynamic” heated surface area (heated agitator), making it an efficient and cost-effective drying method, according to Heinkel USA. The unit has a conical bottom with a central discharge valve and an agitator arm profile with teeth. The agitator design prevents agglomerates from forming, eliminating the need for choppers (homogenizers, lump breakers). Narrow tolerances between the agitator and vessel walls prevent product from adhering to the walls, resulting in good heat-transfer and emptying characteristics. The dryer can process a wide variety of products, including those that are heat-sensitive or have fragile crystal structures.

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eriezRotary vibrators

Eriez Electric Rotary Vibrators provide a powerful and efficient driving force for vibratory feeders, screeners and conveyors, says Eriez. The units move material from small hoppers to large bunkers, while an elliptical action helps settle material in bags, boxes or other shipping or storage containers. The line comprises 900, 1200, 1800 and 3600 rpm models to meet customers’ requirements. Standard ERV models can be used in wet or dusty settings and washed down. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, they feature high-quality bearings, tropicalized windings and a durable powder-coat finish. 

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readingDough temperature probe

The Pan+Dough Probe—a fixed-position, dough interface/core temperature measuring device—provides accurate, repeatable data not possible with hand-placed thermocouple probes, according to Reading Thermal. The probe, which connects to a temperature interface device, is placed under bread or bun dough and simultaneously captures the pan/dough interface temperature and the dough core temperature. The readings are used to produce the bake cycle S curve, which indicates critical temperature points for yeast kill, gelatinization and arrival time as they relate to the percentage of travel through a baking chamber. Reading Thermal Scorpion Software Version 8 automatically calculates the three S curve data points.

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Vantra IM from Douglas Machine Inc. is a compact, economical, intermittent-motion cartoner that can set up, load and close cartons and trays at speeds up to 55 cartons per minute within a single platform. The Vantra IM can be integrated with various infeed options to gently handle cartons, bags, flat-flow-wrapped product and more, including applications requiring multiple manipulations. The unit has a hygienic sheet metal frame and standoff bearing mounts to accommodate specific washdown requirements.

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mettler toledoVision inspection system

The CI-Vision Mosaic 360° vision inspection system from Mettler Toledo uses six cameras to inspect labels on round containers, including jars, cans and tubes, without production line orientation. Using advanced inspection technology, the system automatically verifies that the label is complete, correctly applied and matches the product inside the package. It also can adjust to varying product positions and packaging materials, producing fewer false rejects and increasing line uptime, according to the company. Mosaic installs over existing conveyor lines, eliminating line reconfiguration, and features an intuitive touchscreen interface running CI-Vision’s CIVCore software. Multilevel user controls and anticircumvention technology ensure security.

630-446-7700 • www.mt.com/ci-vision


Barrier film

Ampac introduces Flexi FoilFree HB, an ultra-high-barrier film technology that, when incorporated in a laminate, can achieve moisture, oxygen and vapor barrier properties similar to aluminum foil laminates without the use of foil. According to the company, Flexi FoilFree HB composites provides excellent product performance characteristics compared to traditional, thin-gauge foil materials, including improved flex-crack and puncture resistance properties and easier “tear-open” properties. Packaging made with the technology also has improved yield over and is lighter than comparable foil substrates, resulting in lower greenhouse gases and less energy consumption during manufacturing and distribution. It also retains its appearance, even after processing and handling. 

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