The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the first GRAS classification for any rice protein to Axiom Foods for their clinically-studied Oryzatein® organic brown rice protein ingredient. Axiom's Vegotein pea protein was also awarded a GRAS classification. 

At a time when rice is becoming the new wheat, the nation's largest consumer packaged food conglomerates are reformulating their products to eradicate allergen-charged soy and whey proteins, gluten-laden wheat and GMO-infested corn. The FDA GRAS nod to Axiom Foods is the specific classification that opens the doors for rice and pea protein to burst into the mainstream of food production. 

David Janow, CEO of Axiom Foods, a former Wall Street food commodities broker said, "Over 2000 food, beverage and skincare SKUs currently use our rice or pea proteins as an ingredient. Since we started in 2005, plant protein debuted as a key component in nutraceutical products and it is now becoming a significant international player in the mainstream food and beverage industries. This FDA approval is the one thing that the majors such as PepsiCo, Nestle/General Mills and Kraft have been asking of the industry to support their plant protein initiatives. For Axiom Foods, this GRAS classification translates into rice and pea protein no longer classified as an 'alternative protein source,' used as a supplement or something found in natural products only." 

Axiom Foods' goal is to provide ingredients for food and beverage manufacturers that is part of a major shift in the global food supply. As reported in The New Economy, the volume of the three largest crops in the world: wheat, corn and rice, (first, second and third in acreage, respectively), are changing places based on the proliferation of food allergies, gluten intolerance and public outcry over the use of genetic modification in foods.