Company: Mecatherm

Equipment Snapshot: The new FTA oven by MECATHERM is a continuous, precise, accurate and upgradable single-deck oven, which can be controlled from start to finish and is the only oven of its kind to offer such high performance levels.

A precise oven: Thanks to its international knowledge of bread varieties and types (soft or crusty products, with thick or thin crusts, shaped or uniform, with small or large holes, light or dark finish, etc.), MECATHERM has developed the FTA oven to allow industrial bakeries to produce all types of products to meet the current and future requirements of consumers.

This oven is unrivaled on the market and consists of several separate modules (offering 5 - 26 m² in baking surface). On this basis, each baking stage (rising, baking and crust) can be set to the degree, and separately from the other modules.

Professionals can benefit from 6 possible baking combinations with just one single item of equipment, offering precise control over a wide range of products: soft or crusty bread, brioches, pizzas, hot-dogs, buns, bagels, muffins, crème caramel, pies, etc.

Thanks to power of up to 25 kW per m², the FTA oven can be used to:

  • Rapidly heats the trays or the bottom for products, from the start of the baking phase,
  • Reduce baking time in order to limit water losses or avoid the formation of excessively thick or dry crusts,
  • React to variations in loads without need to wait for many minutes.

Despite its relatively high power, this oven does not consume high energy levels. Current measurements during production (figures available on request) demonstrate consumption down by approximately 15% compared with a traditional cyclothermic oven, for the same output. Energy consumption (gas, electricity, compressed air, steam) and baking discharges can be controlled over defined periods (day, week, month) and are available at all times.