Equipment Snapshot: The MVS (Modular Vertical System) combines modularity, high quality and intelligence within a comprehensive proven production line automation system 100% designed and manufactured by MECATHERM. Its FIFO (First In First Out) mechanical unit provides the storage capacity or process time required for fermentation, cooling, freezing and storage operations.

A fully modular system: The MVS is fully adaptable to the specific needs of all professionals, whatever the physical constraints (footprint, height, etc.) or the output product (capacity, tray size, rest time required, etc.). Its adjustable dimensions allow for unrivalled layout flexibility and adaptation to any baking supports (peelboard, flat, cored and recessed trays, strapped moulds, etc.), whereas its maximum use of the volumes available optimizes its footprint. Thanks to this unique flexibility, MECATHERM has sold and installed more than 1,000 MVS modules over the world to date.

Fully designed and manufactured by MECATHERM, the MVS is constructed with approved foodgrade materials: tropicalized IP66 motor, stainless steel shaft, galvanised or stainless steel frame, and aluminium grating around the module. The chains and guides are in technical polymer and hence lubrication-free. The flights are easy to remove/change without tools, lightening the structure without altering its rigidity. The single direct transmission drive provides for smooth shorter movements allowing using several trays per level.