Koenig Technology Projektmanagement has now a team of eight employees in Verona, Italy. The team is led by Nicola Perbellini, who has been working in the baking industry and project business for 25 years. His team consists of two proposal and project managers, one assembly and on-site manager, a sales and projects assistant, a long-experienced technologist and two system designers. In close collaboration with the Koenig subsidiaries, they handle inquiries and plan bakery plants to individually match the customers’ demands. The solutions are built by Koenig and by partners of Koenig for modules such as raw materials handling, cooling, freezing and packaging.

"We perceive an increased customer demand for turn-key solutions in the baking industry. Therefore, we decided to enlarge our product program and know-how in this field as we see large potential for the future," says Koenig CEO Wolfgang Staufer about the strategic decision to expand the product portfolio.