Company: Primizie Snacks


Introduced: March 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

Product Snapshot: Primizie, the premiere line of thick cut crispbreads that brings together enhanced culinary flavors from the best from everywhere, has introduced their new line of Organic Sprouted Grains. Crafted from a unique blend of flours and grains to create a naturally gluten-free option that is non corn-based, the new Primizie Crispbreads come in four flavors that deliver on taste, including: Smoked Cheddar, Rustic Beets, Ancient Grains and Green Harvest.

Inspired by the culinary traditions of South America, Primizie’s Organic Sprouted Grains are made by using a blend of three types of nutrient-rich flours: brown rice, teff and millet, and three different organic grains: amaranth, quinoa and sorghum. The chef-inspired blends give the crispbreads an earthier, nutty taste while providing nine grams of whole grains per serving. The four flavors are certified gluten free, non-GMO Project Verified, kosher and offer vegan and dairy free options. Like all of Primizie’s offerings, each crispbread is grilled and lightly crisped for a layered texture and an uncommon crunch that is substantial enough to stand up to any hearty dip, spread or simply on its own.

“We use real, whole ingredients that we have travelled around the world for that are not only recognizable, but remarkable,” said Mark Spedale, co-founder and CEO of Primizie. “Delicious doesn’t need to be complicated and everything we eat should be nourishing. This is the inspiration behind our Organic Sprouted Grains offerings and our goal is to provide fuller-flavored and better tasting options within the fast growing healthier living trend.

Primizie’s new chef-crafted flavors include:

  • Ancient Grains: Made with organic Amaranth, Quinoa and Sorghum, Ancient Grains is both nutrient rich and pleasing to the sophisticated palate.
  • Green Harvest: Packed with real kale, spinach and broccoli leaves, Green Harvest provides a better for your snack
  • Smoked Cheddar: Applewood-smoked cheddar flavor slow-cured with organic molasses and combined with white cheddar for a truly unique taste experience that can only be created by a chef.
  • Rustic Beets: Rich in color and full of antioxidants, Primizie Rustic Beets combine hearty red beets with the unique blend of organic sprouted grains to create a delicious snack with no artificial flavors or ingredients.

Primizie Organic Sprouted Grains snacks retail for $3.95 and are available in major retailers such as Publix, HEB, Bristol Farms, Safeway, Sprouts, Stop & Shop, Vons, Randall’s, and Direct Eats, among others.