Partaking in all the evolutions in the Bakery-Pastry industry and revealing the latest innovations in the trade, Europain will be reinvented in February 2018 in order to better serve the entrepreneurs in the sector. Regardless of the type of establishment and production volume, professionals will easily find all the solutions they need thanks to a new sector segmentation focused on their needs and requirements: Manufacturing /Producing – Selling– Managing. Concentrated over 4 days, Europain 2018 welcomes new events, including a forum that will address the current stakes and issues in the industry, with expert contributors and representatives of the different trades. Featuring new stages, Europain will also host the national and international contests that have contributed to its reputation and standing as a source of inspiration.

In order to better satisfy the needs expressed by both visitors and exhibitors, Europain will be held over 4 days (Saturday, February 3 through Tuesday, February 6, 2018) and will present its complete offering in the 48,000 sqm of Hall 6 - Parc des Expositions venue Paris-Nord Villepinte.

Europain innovates in particular with a new sector segmentation designed to better serve the different visitors to the show: project bearers, professionals, managers of one or several sales outlets, also of bakehouses or production centres:

  • Manufacturing Producing: From the bakehouse to the factory, including the devel­opment kitchen and the kitchen pole, this sector will present the equipment, raw materials and processes required to improve production and satisfy the entrepreneurs’ performance and quality objectives!
  • Selling: This sector will feature all the solutions to help you sell better, regardless of the type of selling format. Design,  arrangement, decoration, point-of-sales, digital solu­tions, accessories and agrofood products, snacking, services …
  • Managing: Running a business, regardless of its size, requires skills, equipment and solutions in terms of financing, insurance, legal, training, manage­ment, etc, Providers of these essential services for managers will be found in this sector.\

New animations and new content

Europain Forum: This unmissable space situated in the centre of the venue. It will include four days of exchanges between experts and professional contributors on topical themes for the different trades in the industry – in the form of conferences, interviews and roundtables, essentially addressing French and international professionals and project bearers.

Bakery Restaurant shop: This space was first introduced in 2016. This year it will be a fully functional restaurant bakery shop. Fitted with latest digital technologies, featuring a friendly catering space, it will welcome visitors who are keen to explore and taste all the possibilities available to bakery

Baker’s Lab: 4 days of non-stop demonstrations staged in an ultra-modern bakehouse and performed by the best schools and top names in French and international bakery. This will enable visitors to witness close up the different techniques and creative ideas. Guided visits are proposed for the first time and will present the very latest innovations for the bakery of tomorrow.

Lab’ Intersuc: This space will feature four days of demonstrations dedicated to pastry, chocolate-making, ice-cream making. They will be performed by holders of the MOF distinction, pastry champions, pastry chefs working in shops or restaurants.