Company: Wherefour


Technology Snapshot: Wherefour food and beverage manufacturing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system now offers its customers the ability to easily incorporate any of Zapier’s more than 750 application integrations, the company announced today.

The integration of Wherefour and Zapier allows data to transfer directly to and from Wherefour to more than 750 online platforms including e-commerce sites, such as Shopify and Amazon Seller Central, as well as QuickBooks Online, said Matt Brown, Wherefour founder and CEO. The website also provides integration with a variety of applications for work collaboration and project management, online and email marketing, data management and storage systems, customer relationship management and more, Brown said.

“Integrating Zapier’s capabilities into Wherefour means information can automatically transfer between Wherefour and all these other platforms,” he said. “That means far less data entry for our customers, which boosts efficiency by saving time and reduces the chance for errors.”