Company: The Cookie Department


Introduced: __________

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.39-$2.59

Product Snapshot: The Cookie Department, a Los Angeles-based food company, is proving that all cookies are not all created equal. With a unique line of all-natural individually packaged fully-functional cookies, The Cookie Department offers an array of products containing no artificial preservatives or trans-fats.  

It starts with clean ingredients and classic cookie formulations, which are then fortified with unique and innovative elements to provide consumers extra benefits in every bite. Whether its training for a marathon or preparing for a marathon day at the office, The Cookie Department’s line of grab and go items fulfills a purpose. 

The idea of creating fully-functional cookies took shape one afternoon in 2009 when Founder Akiva Resnikoff refueled with a jolt of caffeine and a sweet snack at the original Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley, California. He noticed other patrons were also experiencing an afternoon slump. It was at that moment that he decided to combine his love of coffee and baking to create a functional treat. After creating more than 50 batches of cookies in his mother’s kitchen, the trial and error phase was over when the first fully-functional cookie, the Awaken Baked, was realized. 

Infused with coffee and chocolate, the Awaken Baked was the jolt the Bay Area needed. The caffeinated cookies were a hit as fitness centers, cafes, college campuses and specialty markets --from Berkeley to San Francisco-- stocked their shelves. Today, The Cookie Department is a nationally distributed brand offering discerning customers five kosher, fully-functional and decadent cookie options, including:

● Tough Cookie – Peanut butter toffee cookie with 10 grams of rBST free whey protein

● Great Full – Sweet potato cranberry oatmeal antioxidant cookie (vegan)

● Snap Back – Ginger and cayenne spiced cookie

● Chocolate Chip Nookie – Rich chocolate chip cookie infused with Maca Root

● Awaken Baked - Double chocolate chip cookie containing 40 mg of Fair Trade coffee

The Cookie Department’s line of Fully Functional Cookies are available at select specialty markets, juice and smoothie bars, gyms, college campuses, cafes, sporting goods stores, movie theaters, hotels, and grocery stores throughout the country. Additionally, some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and Austin, Texas, keep their employees energized with a steady supply of functional treats.