Company: Bohana

Introduced: March 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 (six 2-oz. bags)

Product Snapshot: Bohana, the free spirit snacking brand, is reinventing an ancient Indian superfood for adventurous and wellness-minded consumers­: popped water lily seeds. Bohana’s micronutrient-rich seeds are sustainably cultivated through a direct partnership with farmers in Bihar, India, then air popped and seasoned to achieve a light, but flavor-packed, crunch. These protein-packed snacks will be available beginning mid-March, on and in three flavors: Wild White Cheddar, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Soulful Spice.

“Popped waer lily seeds have been eaten in India for thousands of years, but we sought to create a healthier and modernized version of this satisfying snack,” said Priyal Bhartia, Bohana co-founder and COO. “As practitioners of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, my co-founder Nadine Habayeb and I are very eager to introduce Americans to the nutritious and balancing properties of water lily seeds. The name Bohana serves to honor the history of these seeds, called Makhana, as well as the free spirited, bohemian lifestyle we hope to inspire in our consumers.”

Founded thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is a holistic life-science that believes every individual is unique and no one particular diet or lifestyle works for everyone. In an age where consumers are faced with more diet choices and fads than ever, this means listening to your body and doing what works for you. 

Bohana’s plant-based protein snacks are free of the ‘Big 8’ allergens, gluten and corn, as well as vegan, paleo, kosher, non-GMO, low calorie and low fat–making it uniquely positioned to serve all consumers. Despite the simple list of ingredients, Bohana’s air-popped seeds offer a wealth of benefits: all nine essential amino acids, reduced inflammation, high antioxidants, increased vitality and alkaline properties that balance the body’s PH. Each serving boasts three grams of protein, which is 50 percent more than similar popcorn snacks. Considering that alternative ingredient-based snacks are the largest and fastest-growing category of the salty snacks segment, Bohana’s well-rounded product has vast market potential. 

“Because protein-based and plant-based products represent two of the top subcategories driving growth in the snack industry, and natural products were a $57.3 billion business last year, we’re very optimistic about the success of our air-popped water lily seeds.” said Habayeb, co-founder and CEO of Bohana. “We’re also excited about the positive impact this product will have on farmers in Bihar, who we’ve gotten to know personally by directly sourcing our seeds. Our commitment to fair wages, ethical and sustainable harvesting, and fully collaborative supply chain allows us to source the highest quality ingredients that we are very proud of.”

Bohana’s three initial flavors—Wild White Cheddar, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Soulful Spice—will be available mid-March on and in packs of six 2-oz. bags, starting at $24.99. Consumers can buy a pack of a single flavor or a variety pack with two of each flavor. To learn more, visit