Company: JLS Automation


Equipment Snapshot: JLS Automation is helping food producers handle delicate items, such as chocolate-covered snacks, dessert cakes and muffins, that are soft and can be easily crushed, with a new patented robotic pick and place tool.

With a lightweight design that needs minimal mechanical action to pick and place items, the Elastomer robotic end-of-arm picking tool efficiently picks and places delicate items at high speeds while maintaining product integrity. Applications include loading delicate food products into flow-wrappers, plastic trays and clamshells.

The tool holds patent number 15/728,927, titled “Automated Gripping Tool” and ensures hygienic and food safe conditions. FDA-approved elastomer belts that are metal detectable reinforce JLS’ commitment to providing hygienic robotic solutions that are designed with ease-of-use, cleanability and quality in mind.

The Elastomer robotic picking tool is equipped with quick-change tooling—standard for JLS tools—and minimal wear parts, making it easy to use and maintain.