Company: Better Foods


Ingredient Snapshot: Chef Einat Mazor announces Extra White Gold: “Extra white gluten free flour blends consist of a unique combination of protein and fibers in its breakthrough formula. These Extra White Gold flour blends (All purpose and bread flour) work one to one with regular recipes. By using these flours, the baker will be able to make all kind of pastries, even delicate ones such as: puff pastry dough, brioche, croissant, baguette, breads, delicate cakes and cookies. No other company has the ability to reach such high quality baking results. When you use Extra White Gold all-purpose flour blend or Extra White Gold bread flour blend, you don’t need to adjust your regular recipe. As a matter of fact, the all-purpose flour blend is also sugar free, just use your usual, favorite recipe and replace with Extra White Gold gluten free flour. Replace cup for a cup for wonderful scrumptious results.”

According to Chef Mazor, “We spent years in the kitchen experimenting with only natural ingredients that are strictly adhering to a clean food guidance and to our pursuit of using only Non-GMO ingredients that is also now pending certification.” All Extra White Gold products are free from eight allergens including wheat, soy, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy and eggs. The flours are gluten free certified and have no preservatives. In addition, they are certified kosher.

All Extra White Gold mixes: chocolate, vanilla cakes and brownie mixes use easy to follow instructions on the packaging. “No matter if you are gluten free or not, everyone can eat the same great tasting baked goods with no difference at all,” adds Chef Mazor.