Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply will celebrate 25 years in business this year marking the occasion with special offers, giveaways, events, and stories from long-time vendors, customers and employees.

“My brother Blain and I started this company because we knew we could serve the market better than it was being served at the time,” CEO Kevin Johnson said. “We scraped together everything we had, sold our homes, borrowed money from family and friends, and opened our doors.”

Kevin and Blain Johnson had worked for an out-of-state bakery supplier that was cutting costs and reducing service. Customer complaints rained down on the duo who saw an opportunity to break out on their own. Johnson Bros. started in a small warehouse but soon signed on grocery chains that appreciated the service they got from the brothers. Those new customers put them well on their way to becoming the largest baking supply company in Texas and the leading supplier to bakeries in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

“We were happy to start small,” Kevin said. “But once our grocery customers learned we were leaving our previous employer and striking out on our own, that’s when things really took off.”

Today, Johnson Bros. occupies more than 100,000 square feet from its headquarters in northeast San Antonio. It also has distribution facilities in Dallas and Houston and employs more than 80 people across the region. Its growth has been fueled by loyal customers, reliable vendors and faithful employees who have helped Johnson Bros. expand and diversify. Today the company includes a retail cake decorating division called Over the Top Cake Supplies, and a craft brewery supplier called Brewery Direct. JBBS also supports Project Angel Fares, a nonprofit started by Kevin to provide all expense paid trips to San Antonio for families with a special needs child to experience Morgan's Wonderland.

“When we launched our company, we hoped it would grow,” Kevin said. “At our previous employer we were a $20 million and I would have been happy with that. But we’ve gotten so much bigger.”