Company: The Simply Good Foods Co.

Introduced: October 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.99-$11.44

Product Snapshot: The SimplyProtein brand of clean protein snacks has kicked off 2019 with a nationwide sampling initiative of the brand’s Crispy Bars, Baked Bars and Crunchy Bites. The sampling program helps raise the bar, gain share of bite and word of mouth, providing a simple way to snack with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, colors or preservatives. The products are Non GMO Project Verified, gluten free, with high-quality ingredients, 11 grams of protein or more with 3 grams of sugar or less.

The SimplyProtein sampling approach will engage consumers, allowing them a glimpse into what SimplyProtein stands for as a brand, and as the leader of the #SimplyU movement. #SimplyU has been created to help exemplify the importance of simple solutions associated with well-being, energy and lifestyle. Encouraging trial of SimplyProtein, a clean, healthy and delicious way to snack, will contribute to the small steps that can be taken each day to achieve a simply better “you.” 

SimplyProtein is supporting the #SimplyU movement with curation of a social media community based on wellness; a state of physical, mental and social well-being. The likes of experts and influencers in the space, such as Peter Kraus, Sia Cooper and Olivia Jeanette, are propelling traction of the movement. Through building and maintaining this community, which the brand is coining the #SimplyU tribe, SimplyProtein is succeeding in helping to enhance quality of life. 

“The SimplyProtein brand uses delicious and nutritious ingredients, including satisfying plant-based protein, fulfilling the consumers’ desire for a ‘better for you’ snack with no artificial sweeteners, yet low in sugar and tastes great. It checks off the important boxes, offering a perfect guilt-free snack option,” said Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD, human nutrition and nutrition communications manager, The Simply Good Foods Company. “SimplyProtein is more than clean, protein-based snacking, it’s a sense of community for those who not only want delicious and nutritious snacks, but want to live the #SimplyU lifestyle.”

The nationwide strategic sampling partnerships, are planned to include:

  • Yoga Studio Network
  • Stroller Traffic
  • Lululemon
  • Snack Nation
  • Macaroni Kids

SimplyProtein snacks can be purchased at Amazon, Brookshire’s, Giant, Harris Teeter, HEB, ShopRite,, Stop & Shop and, and are soon to be available at retail Target stores.

SRPs for the products are:

  • Crunchy Bites: $1.99 per bag, or $11.44 per 6-pack
  • Crispy and Baked Bars: $5.99 per box