Company: Apex Motion Control

Equipment Snapshot: Are your workers tired of physical strain and keeping up with high volume tray stacking?

Apex Motion Control and Vital Manufacturing have created a new and innovative way of stacking your bakery baskets. The Tray Stacker is specially designed for bakeries that deliver daily products to c-stores or chain restaurants where order and product quantity varies.

The Tray Stacker can stack all industry-standard breadbaskets, and it has a quick and easy tool changer that allows you to switch between different types of baskets in less than a minute.

Features & benefits:

  • Stacks up to 12 trays per minute
  • Up to 500lb stack capacity
  • Safety light curtain (no additional guarding required)
  • Eliminate human error and reduce the risk of injury during the stacking process

This system also has an integrated barcode scanner & label inspection that allows it to sort the stacks by order & route—this feature ensures that each delivery has the correct number of baskets, and the driver does not have to sort through them once they are sent out for delivery.

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