Company: InHarvest Inc.


Ingredient Snapshot: InHarvest, Inc., is proud to announce the newest pure grain to join its line of premium whole grains for foodservice: domestic white quinoa.

InHarvest domestic white quinoa is one of the first white-quinoa products produced entirely in the United States. Grown by farmers with a five-generation history in the Teton Valley of Idaho, this ancient grain offers diners quality protein from a non-animal source.

“More and more diners want to know where their food is grown and processed and how that impacts foods’ carbon footprint,” says Michael Holleman, InHarvest’s director of culinary & marketing. “With quinoa, we wanted to give our customers an intriguing story. Working closely with Teton Valley farmers, we know that when this white variety’s gorgeous pinkish-red color displays at harvest time, our domestic white quinoa is being harvested sustainably and responsibly.”

InHarvest domestic white quinoa’s mild, buttery taste makes it a perfect canvas with which to showcase on-trend flavors teamed up with locally grown produce and herbs, humanely raised meats and sustainable fish and shellfish, Holleman adds.

Like imported quinoa, a mere quarter-cup of uncooked InHarvest domestic white quinoa is a “complete protein” because it contains all nine amino acids essential to optimal human health. It boasts 6 grams protein, 3 grams dietary fiber and only 2.5 grams fat, with no saturated or trans fats. Additionally, this “grown in the U.S.A.” quinoa—which is both kosher and naturally gluten free—is a good source of iron and potassium.

Domestic white quinoa from InHarvest is no-rinse because it’s virtually saponin free, meaning it’s never bitter tasting. Packed 6/2-lb sleeves (12 lbs. per case), InHarvest domestic white quinoa can be featured in any application that capitalizes on the goodness of quinoa. For menu inspiration and more information, visit