Company: Vandemoortele


Introduced: November 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.00-$2.49

Product Snapshot: Banquet D’Or’s authentic French pastries—that can go from freezer to oven in less than 25 minutes—are now available in the United States foodservice market. 

Founded in Belgium in 1983 by the well-established, family-owned Vandemoortele food group, Banquet D’Or o­ffers classic French bakery items made with European ingredients—real butter and cage free eggs—without requiring expert-level baking skills to achieve fresh, expert-level results. 

“Our passion for creating quality European pastries that are as easy to bake as they are to love is equal only to our enthusiasm for our bringing them to U.S. customers,” says Raoul Dexters, general manager USA for Vandemoortele. 

Using its patented Bake’Up technology, Banquet D’Or aims to make commercial bakers’ lives easier by eliminating the hard labor and typical early morning start associated with serving authentic pastries. This process allows for a broad assortment of pastries—croissants, twists, filled rolls, and many other styles—to go straight from the freezer to the oven with no proofing or glazing required, giving retailers the option of providing freshly baked items all day long. 

“The Bake’Up process is truly remarkable in its ability to quickly provide the same quality and freshly baked product a skilled baker pastry chef could produce with many more hours of labor. This is a gamechanger for customers looking for high quality products at significant time and cost savings,” says Johan Coppens, Vandemoortele culinary advisor and Masterbaker.  

The company’s ever-growing portfolio includes an assortment of European bakery products that adhere to clean label standards, sourcing only ingredients labeled non-GMO and using no artificial colors or preservatives, among other guidelines. These bakery products are available in di­fferent finishing levels, according to the needs of the professional chef and foodservice end-user.