Company: Aptean

Technology Snapshot: Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, has announced the release of its Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP cloud offering that provides discrete manufacturers with full functionality in a secure, flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution.

In a market full of regulations, data requirements and uncertainty, businesses need access to a secure, cloud-enabled platform that provides them with navigation and support through today’s complicated business environment. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP offers manufacturers in job shops or dynamic “to-order” and mixed-mode environments a flexible, scalable software solution that retains a high level of security, provides data backups and alleviates the additional costs of equipment and maintenance.

Leveraging new cloud features, customers can achieve real-time visibility and control over manufacturing and business operations system-wide. With integrated enterprise resource planning and production scheduling capabilities, this solution delivers the actionable data and flexibility needed to maximize shop floor efficiency while reacting swiftly to customer demands.

In addition to strong ERP features that will help plan, schedule, execute and track operations while maximizing shop floor efficiency and flexibility, other benefits of this cloud release include:

  • Reduced costs: remove the high cost of hardware and labor that come from running an on-premise data center, and avoid unplanned expenses with defined, predictable costs.
  • High availability and on-demand access: always on, always available—Aptean’s SLA guarantees 99%+ uptime and provides users with greater flexibility by enabling them with secure access, wherever they have an internet connection.
  • Growth support: the scalable model allows businesses to dynamically add computing power and capacity through growth, instead of paying now for future needs.
  • Increased security and disaster protection: the solution is accessible through a secure and monitored environment for maximum privacy and protection against a data breach—customer data is backed up and always available even if a facility suffers from a natural disaster, hardware failure or other unforeseen event.

“Today’s users expect to be able to access enterprise resource planning software from any location and any device, at any time. With these enhancements, we’ve created an ERP built especially for industrial manufacturers that delivers simpler access, more flexibility and integrations into various business solutions that will equip them to perform more efficiently during uncertain times,” said Marianne Chikos, group vice president at Aptean.

To learn more about the new features and capabilities of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, click here.