Company: US Foods

Introduced: March 2021

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: US Foods recently released Non-GMO Artisan Focaccia Square Buns, as well as its Chef's Line Sweet Potato Flatbread.

Old-world flavors meet new-world convenience in these square focaccia buns. The dough is fermented for 13 hours—in true Genovesian-style—for a more complex flavor. It's then cut into squares, dimpled and brushed with extra-virgin olive oil, and stone-baked for a lightly chewy crust and soft bite. These individually frozen buns make it easy to elevate the burgers or sandwiches on your menu.

Now introducing variety into your gluten-free flatbread options. Imported directly from Italy—where they know a few things about flatbread—comes Chef's Line Sweet Potato Flatbread. Because it's made from sweet potatoes, it's milder than cauliflower-based options. It's vegan and perfect as a shareable flatbread appetizer, or as an entrée pizza with a plethora of toppings.