Company: Junapack

Equipment Snapshot: Junapack’s JG-8S0815 model is a rotary pouch packer designed to fill and seal pre-made side gusset pouches for products such as coffee, flour, snacks and other products. Features include a unique pouch loading and pouch gripper design, and an easy to clean stainless steel frame. Due to its captured cam design (no springs) and a patented feature in its pouch feed system, it requires low maintenance and achieves speeds up to 40 pouches per minute, depending on application. Pouch size changeover is typically a quick 5 -10 minute operation. The machine can handle a wide range of pouch sizes from 3.15” – 5.91” wide and up to 15.75” tall.

Junapack equipment is a new generation of intermittent rotary motion fill-seal pre-made pouch machines built with 40 years of experience. Junapack offers versatile packaging machine technology and can be used to fill a wide range of products into many different styles of pre-made pouches including flat, stand up, shaped, zipper, caps, side gussets for retail sizes well as club store sizes. The machines can be easily integrated with a variety of filling equipment types, including scales, auger fillers, liquid fillers, and cup fillers.

Custom integration is also available to interface with other upstream, and downstream, equipment as necessary.

Junapack is the exclusive distributor in North America for JUPACK (Korea), located in De Pere, WI with sister companies Campbell Wrapper Corp., Parsons-Eagle, Circle Packaging, and Effytec USA, where it has engineering and machine shop resources, a spare parts inventory and technical customer service support team.

For more details, please contact Junapack at (920) 983-7323, or you can refer to its website at to look at a wide range of rotary pouch machinery solutions.