Company: Raisels 


Introduced: March 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99

Product Snapshot: Raisels, the creators of Golden Raisin snacks made with real, whole fruit, is excited to announce the launch of its Pick-Your-Mix option. This new offering allows customers to pick and choose six of their favorite sweet, sour and spicy Raisels packs, to create the Raisels box of their taste bud's dreams. 

Starting on Tuesday, March 16, candy lovers, and those looking to remix their noshing, will be able to mix-and-match Raisel packs to create their perfect, custom Raisels box. With flavors like sour Watermelon Shock to sweet Raspberry, or Fiesta Pineapple Chili Limón, no matter the craving, Raisels has got you covered. The classic snack is back with a twist of fun & plenty of yum: Raisels are an old school snack with new school flavor. Each pack is made with real, whole fruit and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or corn syrup, making Raisels an easy way to sneak more fruit into your kids diets or fill that sweet craving without the guilt.

"We know that food preferences are not one size fits all, which is why we wanted to offer customers a Pick-Your-Mix option," says Raisels SVP of sales and marketing, Jane Asmar. "At Raisels we strive to make snacking fun by creating real-fruit snacks that taste just like your favorite candies, but without the scary ingredients. Our wide range of imaginative and unique flavors are sure to satisfy any craving and with our Pick-Your-Mix  option you can create your perfect mix of Raisels.'"

Raisels are available in seven unique flavors: Sour Watermelon Shock, Sour Lemon Blast, Sour Orange Burst, Sour Fruit Splash, Fiesta Pineapple Chili Limón, Tropical, and Raspberry.