Company: Multi-Conveyor

Equipment Snapshot: Multi-Conveyor recently built a series of stainless steel plastic chain conveyors, in stages, to transport both full and empty cases of food product through nearly 50 feet of conveyance. The design called for high friction and side flexing chain to help control cases through elevations and curves.

Due to the case weight variations, from full to empty, its designers built in additional product control with a friction top chain. The NGevo (NGE) chain with high friction tabs, made by System Plast, helps control case handling during the 24” to 40” incline. 

Feather-light singular containers were placed randomly to demonstrate how strategic chain materials are key to product mobility and management.  Multi-Conveyor’s team worked directly with its customers to ensure the conveyor chain and/or belts we specify meet or exceed their project requirements.

Seamless transitions then move product onto side flexing chain, also made by System Plast. The flexible chain is used throughout the remainder of the 7.5” wide, bolted construction series of conveyors to control product through a total of three (3) 90 degree by 24” radius curves and then back to straight running sections. 

A simple product transfer then guides cases onto an existing parallel conveyor (not shown), moving them to the next part of the customer’s existing line.

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