As of April 2021, Daily Crunch Snacks will be available in all of Meijer's 150 Midwest stores. 

Meijer is the first large retailer to carry Daily Crunch Snacks since the brand launched last year. Meijer and Daily Crunch Snacks are both Michigan-based companies that believe in healthier snacking options for their customers. 

Meijer will be carrying the 5-ounce Cherry Berry Nut Medley, Plain Sprouted Almonds and Cacao + Sea Salt Sprouted almonds in their healthier-for-you snacking section. It will also be carrying the mini grab & go bags at checkout lanes starting in June 2021. Meijer is selling the 5-ounce bags at an every day low price of $5.99/bag. Daily Crunch Snacks is excited to expand into larger retailers like Meijer as it continues to grow.