After four years of infusing a bit of unnecessary genius into the biggest snacking day of the year, Pringles is back as a Big Game advertiser. Delivering humor, inspiration and perfect game day bites for any snack spread, Pringles has proven to be a Big Game favorite—and now in its fifth consecutive year as an advertiser, the brand is returning with an unexpected twist. 

There's nothing better than watching the unique ads from your favorite brands during the most anticipated sporting event of the year, but we all know the true star of the show is the food. While viewers may anticipate how the brand is gearing up for game day, Pringles has a trick up its sleeve, addressing a delicious dilemma that is sure to stir up chatter amongst snackers. 

"We're excited to kick off another year by bringing something fun and completely new to our dedicated Pringles fan base and Big Game viewers," said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles. "Our fans will be both surprised and excited to see us address an age-old problem with a pretty delicious, and 'worth it' risk during the most anticipated sporting event of the year."

Without letting too many details out of the can, the :30 spot will be brought to life by the Grey Group and supported by a fully integrated campaign including PR, digital, and social media.

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