KIND Snacks, a company committed to providing people with both nutrient-dense products and the health information they need to make informed food decisions, is calling on Americans to eat fresh, whole ingredients, such as whole nuts, seeds, fruit and grains, instead of packaged foods, including its own nutrient-dense products. As part of KIND’s latest nutrition initiative to educate people that its snacks, made predominantly with whole ingredients like almonds, are a second-best option to whole foods, KIND will be re-focusing its business to make fresh foods more convenient for Americans in a number of ways. 

Starting today, KIND will be providing consumers with its newest—and healthiest—offering yet: The KIND Whole Fruit and Nut Box. Just as it disrupted and elevated the bar aisle with snacks made with whole ingredients, KIND’s latest offering will be making fresh, whole foods more accessible for Americans. The box will be filled with fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds, and will available exclusively on while supplies last.  

“There’s a time and place for eating a KIND bar, but we believe it should never replace eating the whole, fresh foods that are essential to staying healthy,” says Russell Stokes, CEO at KIND. “Since our founding, we’ve always advocated for nutrition transparency and encouraged Americans to eat better, even if that means buying raw almonds and apples over our bars.” 

To further advocate for the prioritization of fresh foods and in celebration of National Nutrition Month, KIND will stop selling its packaged snacks on on March 1–2, 2022 to encourage consumers to purchase its KIND Whole Fruit and Nut Box instead. 

“According to the CDC, about 9 out of 10 adults and children in America aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables,” says Sammi Brondo, registered dietitian and KIND spokesperson. “Instead, they are relying on packaged foods, many of which are filled with high levels of sugar, salt and artificial ingredients, making it hard for them to meet their daily nutrient needs. KIND’s efforts will be a small, but highly effective way to help in our nationwide effort to promote healthier eating habits.” 

To celebrate its new offering and continued nutrition commitment, the company also unveiled a faux KIND bar-filled vending machine in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, where upon ‘purchase’ of one of its snacks, the machine opens and transports shoppers into The Secret KIND Farmers Market, where they can fill their baskets free-of-charge with fresh, whole snacks—not packaged ones.  

For years, KIND has championed nutrition and challenged the status quo, from petitioning the FDA to update its labeling regulations to empowering people to make better, informed choices about health. KIND has raised the bar for health and wellness by:

  • Petitioning the FDA to address misleading nutrient content claims
  • Encouraging the food industry to disclose hidden sugars
  • Redefining the word “healthy”
  • Educating people on synthetic dye consumption
  • Offering thousands of free Registered Dietitian consultations 

To visit The Secret KIND Farmers Market in New York City, stop by 9 West 8th street on February 23, 2022 and February 24th from 11 a.m.–7 p.m.