Company: ADM

Ingredient Snapshot: With ADM’s PearlEdge proprietary white color solutions, the company is filling a vital white space in the market. Its PearlEdge line is derived from natural sources, including native corn starch, and delivers brilliant, stable, and uniform white coloring for a variety of food and beverage applications.

“Our team has been diligently working to perfect our new line of white color solutions, assuring its groundbreaking quality and performance,” said Hélène Moeller, vice president of global product marketing, ADM. “This rollout meets the evolving needs of customers and consumers, as brands look for titanium dioxide (TiO2) replacements that not only provide a bright white shade, but also meet clean-label targets.”

The PearlEdge line was designed to conquer the toughest formulation challenges, where other plant-based white colorants fall short. Robust quality control is a key to producing a precise, premium white shade without the need for modification, and ADM does just that with a vertically integrated supply chain, managing each step of the sourcing process. On top of that, PearlEdge leverages ADM's innovative and patent-pending technology and extensive formulation expertise.

As a line of solutions, the PearlEdge portfolio is designed to address different applications, markets, certifications, and regulatory needs. Specifically, it performs exceptionally well in confections; bakery icings and fillings; sugar-free offerings; and more. PearlEdge also delivers elevated sensory appeal as an opacifying base coat for vibrant colors, and it creates smoother texture in certain applications.

“We’re particularly excited about the possibilities with our PearlEdge Silk and Satin patent-pending technology,” said Moeller. “With superior stability and performance as well as a white color of similar intensity as TiO2, PearlEdge Silk and Satin are game-changers for smooth white appearances in applications like panned confections and compressed tablets.”

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