Two baking and food industry suppliers, Dakota Specialty Milling and Dakota Blenders, have joined forces and rebranded as DakotaMB to better reflect the company’s growing and diversifying customer base. The move is the latest evolution of the family- owned business, which has been in the baking industry for more than 300 years and the milling industry since 1969. DakotaMB will continue to be led by the current executive and management teams in Fargo, North Dakota, and St. Louis, Missouri.

The unified name and brand allows DakotaMB to better serve its baking industry customers who make both whole grain bakery foods and indulgent sweet good offerings. Traditionally, Dakota Specialty Milling served the bread and snack industry with value-added grains, toasted toppings and multi-grain blends, and Dakota Blenders served the industry with functional mixes and bases for cakes, doughnuts, muffins and other bakery items.

“As the baking industry continues to consolidate, it made sense for us to join the companies together under one name to better serve our customers who make a variety of bakery items, from breads to doughnuts to ancient grain crackers,” says Tarrand Fiesel, DakotaMB’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The DakotaMB name was developed to recognize the company’s long history in the baking and milling industries, while also reflecting its current customer base, which includes manufacturers across the food industry.

“When renaming the company, we wanted to pay respect to where we’re from (North Dakota) and our core business (milling & blending) in the baking and snack food industry,” Peter Matthaei,

DakotaMB’s chief executive officer, says. “However, the name DakotaMB doesn’t limit us into a specific category as we now work with countless manufacturers across the food industry on everything from plant-based foods to coatings.”

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