ORBIS Corporation has introduced the XpressBulk retail-ready merchandising tray to simplify distribution and improve labor efficiency in a wide variety of high-velocity food, beverage, and CPG applications. The merchandising-ready, shelved display offers a sustainable, efficient replacement for the manual shelf replenishment process by allowing for a fast and easy transfer of product from the truck directly to the store floor. The merchandising tray has also just received a 2022 IBIE Best in Baking award in the plant efficiency category for its ability to streamline operations.  

The trays were designed specifically with the needs of the bakery supply chain in mind. The XpressBulk trays are optimized for a wide variety of high-velocity food, beverage, and CPG applications including baked goods, salty snacks, dry and canned goods, and more. 

Simplifying retail distribution, the XpressBulk merchandising trays are integrated from the production facility through to the store floor. Merchandise can be packed directly into trays and stacked on a base for easy transportation. Utilizing wheeled dollies allows for fast loading and unloading for easy replenishment on the retail floor. Once the system reaches the point of sale, no unpacking or additional touches are needed as consumers shop directly from the system. This not only saves time and reduces touches for improved store labor efficiency but also replaces cardboard-boxed products for superior sustainability. Additionally, this system improves associate safety, as there’s no longer a need for box cutters. 

“Plastic reusable packaging improves the flow of products throughout the supply chain to improve safety practices, reduce the risk of product damage, increase cleanliness and enhance supply chain performance,” said Mike Ludka, senior product manager at ORBIS Corporation. “With rising labor challenges and the current state of supply chain disruptions, businesses are focused on getting products to the store shelves as efficiently and accurately as possible. The XpressBulk merchandising tray does just that, offering faster replenishment times to quickly get the product to the customer while benefiting the bottom line.”

Offering space and transportation efficiencies, the trays are both stackable and nestable for flexibility in vertical environments and return transportation for optimal space savings. Designed for use in a variety of applications, the solid plastic deck enables usage in multiple product categories. Additionally, the trays are in the industry standard 40-by-24-inch footprint, adding further versatility by being compatible with 40-by-48-inch pallets and 100-by-60-inch dollies.

Other key benefits of the XpressBulk merchandising trays include: 

  • 180-degree stack-and-nest design increases storage capacity and offers two-way usage for versatile material handling and easy picking 
  • Dimensional consistency for seamless integration into current and future automated systems
  • Locking and stacking feature that stabilizes tray stacks for safe, dynamic movement 
  • Comfortable handholds for easy manual handling and accessibility when stacked or nested 

Built with ORBIS’ dedication to sustainability in mind, the XpressBulk merchandising trays provide a sustainable replacement for cardboard-boxed products in the supply chain, helping companies to reduce their environmental footprint while improving material handling.

For more information on the XpressBulk merchandising trays and ORBIS’ full suite of sustainable, reusable packaging solutions for the retail supply chain, click here