Canajoharie, N.Y.-based Richardson Brands plans to increase production and therefore, increase job opportunities, says the Daily Gazette in a recent newspaper article. The candy manufacturer currently uses just 12% of its 180,000-sq.-ft. facility. After the acquisition of Gravymaster, maker of Dryden and Palmer rock candy, in 2006, Richardson Brands is searching for another acquistion in order to increase production to more than $100 million annually. The increase in production could create up to 274 additional jobs within the company, which would triple current employment numbers.

However, as an article from Capital News 9 by Mark Repasky states, townspeople are worried that when Beech-Nut moves out of the area in 2010, the village will lose tax revenue, forcing taxpayers to pay for water and sewer upgrades created for the plant. The village board filed a lawsuit against the move in July.