The dazzling new Russell Stover Candies’ white booth at the Sweets & Snacks Expo might have seemed like a mirage to some. Nonetheless, the very real, two-story structure provided the perfect setting for the company’s launch of its Everyday line of classic and new confections.

The new Everyday chocolates line, which comes in bright white, resealable pouches, includes individually wrapped versions of Russell Stover’s time honored candies along with snackable bites, sugar-free bites, barks, pretzels and minis. This certainly wasn’t your grandmother’s, grandfather’s or even Forrest Gump’s Russell Stover.

“Our fans were the inspiration for the new Everyday line,” says Marjolaine de Claviére, v.p. of marketing at Russell Stover. “They’ve been telling us that they want to enjoy our chocolates year-round, so we found a way to move them out of the box and into a bag for easy, everyday snacking and sharing. Our chocolates have added joy to special occasions and holidays for decades. Now we can offer that same joy anytime, anywhere, every day.” 

Everyday chocolates come in the following varieties:

  • Barks and Pretzels, including Pistachio Bark, Crunch Caramel Bark and Double Dipped Pretzels with Sea Salt 
  • Fruit-Flavored Bites with pomegranate, orange or blueberry centers enrobed in chocolate, perfect for snacking or sharing with friends
  • Sugar-Free Bites are fruit-flavored bites with no sugar, fewer calories and are available in cranberry, orange and blueberry flavors Favorites, which are are inspired by decades’ worth of feedback from happy customers. These tried and true recipes include Milk Chocolate Pecan Delight, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Milk Chocolate Caramel and Dark Chocolate Mint Patties 
  • Minis are smaller bite-size versions of Russell Stover favorite recipes: Dairy Cream Caramel, Pecan Delight, and Coconut 

And the Everyday line highlights significant innovations for Russell Stover. More than 90 years after the company was founded, the launch of the Everyday line represents the company’s Snack category debut with its first-ever use of re-sealable bags and snackable bite sizes. Additionally, the Everyday Pistachio Bark is one of the first confections of its kind to use pistachio nuts, representing a true innovation in the dark chocolate and nut category.

“We’ve gotten an extremely positive response to the Everyday line from our customers and from consumers,” says de Claviére. “It is a true testament to Russell Stover’s customer focused commitment to innovation and creativity. We look forward to continuing to serve long-term fans of the brand in new and exciting ways, while introducing the products to new customers and generations.” 

Andreas Pfluger, president and ceo of Russell Stover Candies as well as head of Lindt & Sprüngli North America, echoes de Claviére’s sentiments.

“We wanted to enter into year-round confections in a new and big way,” he says. “In addition, retailers are supporting us.

They want an alternative in the mainstream segment and they view us as an alternative brand in that segment.

“With our Everyday line, I believe Russell Stover has become more relevant, more top of mind,” Pfluger adds.

And that’s no mirage.