Stuggart, Germany-based Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of holistic systems in the world of packaging and process technology, has changed the name of several of its subsidiaries. The changes are as follows: U.S.-based Doboy Inc., New Richmond, is now Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.; Dutch Tevopharm B.V., Schiedam becomes Bosch Packaging Technology B.V.; Swiss Demaurex SA, Lausanne, changes to Bosch Packaging Technology SA; and The Dutch Robert Bosch Verpakkingsmachines B.V., Weert, carries the name will change its Robert Bosch Packaging Technology B.V.

“The standardization of company names underscores the complete integration of our companies under the umbrella of Bosch Packaging Technology, emphasizing our one-stop shopping strategy across all Business Units," explains Friedbert Klefenz, president of Bosch Packaging Technology. "This standardization allows us to leverage the excellent global reputation of the Bosch brand to strengthen our market presence."