Ferrero Kusschen Yes White Can

Ferrero’s latest ad shows a political rally and a talking Ferrero Küsschen white chocolate. The camera then pans to activists holding signs and shouting what translates to “Yes White Can!” And as everyone shouts enthusiastically, a poster with the words “Germany Votes White!” is unveiled.

Run in sync with Germany’s election’s season and meant to draw comparisons to Obama’s popular “Yes We Can,” slogan, things didn’t exactly go as planned for the chocolate company.

The Telegraph reports “furious Germans compared them to propaganda for Germany's far right, anti-immigrant NPD party.”

The ad received harsh criticism, including lots of comments on the brand’s Facebook page.

“Advertising is not just crappy, it is racist,” wrote commenter Trembling Sort on the brand’s Facebook page, via translation.

And, Lisa Dandelion says, “Stop this racist commercial!”

The Telegraph reports that Ferrero has since pulled the ad.

Ferrero Kusschen Yes White Can

On the  brand’s Facebook’s page, new photos show a Ferrero Küsschen, with a slogan that translates to “Germany Votes White” and a tagline that translates to, “White Kiss Ferrero Forever!” 

The company has issued a statement clarifying that they are just talking about the chocolate.

"It is important for us to clearly stress that we are strictly against any form of xenophobia, right-extremism or racism," the company says. "All of our assertions were purely about white chocolate — and without xenophobic intent. We regret that the commercial was misunderstood and the product messaging was otherwise construed."

 Ferrero Küsschen, or little kisses, previously had been a limited-edition candy. 

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