During ProSweets, LoeschPack will present the next generation of equipment for roll wrapping round pieces of chocolate and tablet-shaped products.

This development features a completely new type of modular system consisting of product-specific loading mechanisms and a core RPM-S machine designed for a range of pack styles. Thus, manufacturers needing tightly sealed roll packs can get twice the performance while maintaining gentle product handling – a true innovation.

For example, this new machine can process round pieces of chocolate, up to 300 rolls per minute while tablet-shaped sweets are handled at speeds up to 400 rolls/min.

With round chocolate products, the handling of the chocolate as a bulk material very often causes product damage or marking. Loeschpack’s new unit uses a robot to pick the articles directly from the belt or from plates and placement on the feeder transport enables extremely gentle product handling. The overall concept results in the consistent reduction of touch points (product/machine) and the advantages this brings.

In addition, the articles are ordered and positioned in the same direction with this method. The position in a uniform direction gives a high-quality appearance. There is no variation in the length of packs, thus, the lateral folds are particularly tight and attractive.

For hard-compressed tablets or sugar-coated products, a feed hopper, a vibratory feeder, or a belt system with feeder channels are used. As a result, optimised product feeder systems have been developed for every product.

For more information, visit www.loeschpack.com

At ProSweets, visit booth F038/G039, hall 10.1