THE COMPANY:Can You Imagine That! Inc., Covina, Calif.
THE PRODUCT: Payback Attack, Sour Attack
THE HOOK: Can You Imagine That! Inc. introduces new sour treats for kids: Payback Attack and Sour Attack. Payback Attack is a sour powder candy that colors children’s mouths as they eat it. The colorful candy comes in ten varieties, such as Double Sour (colored green, white and orange), Mean Apple (green), Cherry Charge (red), Xtreme Tangerine (orange), Midnight Cherry (black), Lucky Lemonade (yellow), Powerful Punch (blue), Mega Mixture (blue, pink, yellow, red, green and orange), Flavor Rush (orange, black, green, pink, blue, yellow and red) and Melon Madness (blue and pink). Sour Attack is made with crunchy sour candy. Both products come packaged in test tubes for a novelty eating experience.
INGREDIENTS: Payback Attack: Sugar, dextrose, malic acid, artificial flavors & colors FD&C Yellow #5 #6, Blue #1, Red #3, #40.
S.R.P.:$1.00 per unit (35 units per tub).