Flo Broughton, chocolatier and founder of choconchoc, poses with Mary Berry. Broughton is slated to be on Berry's show, Merry Berry Cooks, March 10. Photo provided.

Flo Broughton, the founder of choconchoc, will be featured on an upcoming episode of the new United Kingdom television series "Mary Berry Cooks."

While the topic of the episode’s topic will be cooking for dinner parties, the host, UK TV personality and “Queen of Baking” Mary Berry, will be chatting with Flo about her specialty — chocolate.  

That’s because it’s an ingredient in one of the recipes featured in that episode.

Broughton will be showing Berry tips on how chocolate can be used to create everything from chocolate goodies for kids to little works of art.

Broughton, 34, together with her father Kerr, founded choconchoc eleven years ago.  The company specializes in the art of creating high quality sculptural chocolates using a unique layering process. The thriving international business has now developed more than 200 lines of chocolate, all handmade by their 30 employees.  

"We were delighted to be invited to welcome Mary into our chocolate factory in Rode near Bath,” Broughton says.  “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share with her and the viewers the secret of something we feel so passionately about. Mary is the Queen of Baking and I am self-taught in the art of chocolate making — together we made a fantastic team."

What makes choconchoc unusual is their innovative approach to giving each piece of chocolate an individual identity. Their miniature sculptures are created in hand-made moulds to mimic highly personal themes — chocolates featuring fashion accessories, sports items, animals, and many other objects together with personalized chocolates with messages and names for anniversaries, weddings and special events.

"Chocolate is everyone's favorite treat,” Broughton says. “That's why I am keen to show Mary and the viewers not only what they can do with chocolate at home but also to excite them with the way in which the product has developed into a luxury and a work of art."

Mary Berry and Flo Broughton will be featured on Monday, March 10 on BBC2 in the United Kingdom, 8.30 p.m. UPDATE: The appearance has been rescheduled for Monday March 24.