At the International Confectionery Convention, which was organized by the international confectionery association Sweet Global Network and held in Berlin last November, hundreds of executives listed to a broad range of experts address the theme, The Changing Face of Confectionery.”  

Recognizing that the international confectionery industry is in a continuous state of flux, affected by demographic developments, the retail landscape and consumer patterns, speakers touched on demographic developments, sustainability, evolving markets and increasing costs.  

Global interdependencies, changes and new perspectives are clearly also at the focus of attention in the international confectionery industry.  

At this year’s interpack, which will take place May 12-18 on the fairgrounds of Messe Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 180,000 visitors are expcted to tour 19 halls housing 2,700 exhibitors.  

As the largest show for confectionery processing and packaging companies, interpack promises to similarly address the issues inherent in the “Changing Face of Confectionery,” particularly as they apply to automation, technology, production innovation, sustainability, energy costs, safety, sanitation and manufacturing flexibility.

As always, halls one through four will be specifically devoted to the confectionery segment. Naturally, there will be companies that work with confectionery manufacturers located throughout halls five through 19.  

This month’s Preferred Suppliers Exhibit Guide provides readers with a preview of select manufacturers that have focused on helping manufacturers compete in a more complex and connected global confectionery industry.  

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Preferred Suppliers Booths  

Company   Hall   Booth

Buhler           3        C43/D28
Caotech        3        C24/26
Chocotech    3        A07/B08
Driam            2         D04
Dumoulin      1         B1
Fortress Technology    5          F04/13
Hebenstreit    3        E08
Klockner Hansel Processing    4          A25
NID                  3         D24/26
Petzholdt        3          E07
Sollich             3         B07/C08
The Tanis Group          3          B29
Union Confectionery Machinery Co.   1          E03
Winkler & Dunnebier  3          D04  


Caotech b.v., based in Wormerveer, the Netherlands, has a worldwide reputation as specialist in self-developed ball mills and conches within the cocoa and chocolate-related processing sector. At Upakovka, Caotech will be pleased to discuss the latest developments on cocoa, chocolate and compound processing.  

Drawing upon years of expertise in conjunction with its extensive field experience, the company recently launched a number of developments in the field of cocoa, chocolate and compound applications.  

Traditionally Caotech’s scope of supply covers a wide variety of installations, varying from a small, lab-size ball mill to a conche type CAO B5 & W5, from the well-known CAO B3000-CHOC batch installation to the CAO 3000 In-Line as a component in a continuous production line for both cocoa and chocolate or as a complete turnkey project.  

As pictured, the company’s sophisticated CAO 3000-CHOC IN-LINE installation is a fully automated processing line for the production of chocolate and compound with capacities of up to 2,000 kg per hour. Depending upon customer’s requirements, the line can be completed with ingredient dosing and weighing sections.  

Recently, Caotech has developed an alternative continuous conching unit to be used as a wet conching system. This CWC 2000 (Continuous Wet Conche) can be placed behind traditional conches for final homogenization and conching, as well behind ball mill systems for obtaining a high quality chocolate.  

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At interpack, stop by booth C24/26, hall 3.  


  At Interpack, Chocotech, part of the Sollich Group of companies, will display the Candy Division’s complete production for manufacturing. In addition, Chocoatech’s Chocolate Division also will display its expertise by displaying a full range of specialized chocolate processing units.  

Some of the new developments visitors can expect o see at the stand include the following:  

TheCHEWMASTER  has been further developed to include an additional crystallizer. This allows us, for the first time, to achieve a defined continuous crystallization, independent of the sugar glucose (corn syrup) ratio, which  means products do not later show any signs  “cold flow.”    

In caramel, batch and continuous caramel cookers such as CARASTAR,YPP and SUCROFILM will be on display. The recently developedSUCROFILM1500 can handle more than 2,000 kgs/hr (4,400 lbs/hr) of caramel, depending on the recipe, with a turndown rate of well over 50%.  

AllSUCROFILM cookers now include a direct drive, doing away with belt and chain drives, minimizing maintenance. The newly developedCARAFLEX allows caramel masses with a color spectrum from milk-white to dark brown to be manufactured and already has shown great potential on the market place.  

Within the process controls end of manufacturing, the company has engineered automatic adaption of control parameters to deal with varying atmospheric pressures. Inline viscosity control has been automated to ensure a consistent mass quality.  

Hygiene remains paramount today in operating safe facilities. At Chocotech’s booth, there will be exhibits demonstrating complete and partial Clean-in-Place (CIP) solutions to suit different hygienic requirements and to match your process sand products.  

At interpack, stop by booth A07/B08, Hall 3.  
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Dumoulin, which has a long history supplying panning equipment, has been in business since 1936. It developed the world’s first large-scale “automatic” confectionery coating pan in the 1960’s.  

The company manufactures a complete range of automatic high capacity panning systems in batch sizes up to 6,600 lbs. 

One of the important advantages of the Dumoulin system is that the design results in the smallest bed depth of any similar machine. This means all Dumoulin pans are gentle on delicate centers.   

The shallow bed depth also increases the amount of surface area in contact with freshly conditioned air, reducing the processing time and this allows the coating to be distributed very quickly and evenly over all the centers.  

Recently, the company developed theLogix line, which is an automatic mini-coating pan for batch capacities up to 550 lbs.  TheLogiXhas a perforated pan and is side vented for efficient drying during sugar and sugar-free coating cycles.   

TheLogiCmachine is very similar, but has a solid pan and this is used for chocolate engrossing and polishing as well as soft sugar panning.  Dumoulin now also offers a special drum re-configuration system, which allows theLogiXperforated pan to be converted into a solid pan by the addition of special plates that cover the perforations. 

This multipurpose machine is known as theLogi CXand it can be used for chocolate and soft panning as well as hard sugar or sugar-free panning, thus providing a high degree of flexibility.  

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At interpack, stop by booth B-17, hall 1.    

Fortress Technology  

The Phantom Metal Detector uses the latest digital signal processing technology to ensure complete product integrity.  With the highest processing power, Phantom systems are renowned for their superior accuracy, high-speed and ease-of-use.  

Phantom detectors are offered in a wide range of aperture sizes with a selection of construction options, including painted aluminum, stainless steel, and BSH (IP69K certified).The rectangular aperture units are suited for integration with conveyor belts. 

Fortress recommends utilizing its custom-designed Vector conveyor system, which is built specifically for the metal detection application and optimizes the performance of the detector.  

Fortress Technology is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of industrial metal detector systems. A wide variety of solutions are available for the confectionery industry.  

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At interpack, stop by booth D02-4, hall 5. 


Hebenstreit supplies production systems for flat and hollow wafers that range from semi-automatic lines with a capacity of about 120 kg/h to fully automatic, high-efficiency lines rated at 1,200 kg/h and more.

The extent of the product range begins with raw material dosing and mixing systems for the preparation of wafer batters and extends to the fully automatic conveying of the cut, cream-filled  wafers to subsequent packaging machines, coating  plants or moulding  lines.

As early as 1898, baking machines were manufactured in the factory in Radebeul near Dresden, Germany. However, since the company’s re-incorporation in 1950, the headquarters are now located in a nearby suburb of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Many high-profile companies form part of Hebenstreit’s clientele, with the world’s most  popular wafer products produced on its systems.

Each wafer production system is “tailor-made” according to the individual requirements of the customer. They are designed depending on the type of product required, capacity, grade of automation and existing production facilities. In addition, high-quality products in many cases demand the development of custom-engineered machines.

As a matter of principle, maximum operating safety and the incorporation of the latest technological improvement  - be they mechanical or electrical - remain critical components of every Hebenstreit production system.

Such continual self-improvement minimizes “down time.” For example, all clutch/brake units have been replaced by frequency-controlled drives or servo drives. Consequently, production interruptions because of maintenance requirements or normal wear and tear are minimized.

Hebenstreit guarantees excellence post-sales service, supported by a network of more than 60 representatives worldwide, as well as 25 highly experienced service engineers.  

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At at interpack, stop by booth E-08/12, hall 3.


In 2011, Klöckner Häansel Processing (KPH) celebrates its 100th anniversary, which perfectly coincides with interpack 2011. Known worldwide for high quality machinery and process know-how, KPH proeduces advanced machines and innovative processing technology for the manufacture of hard candy, jelly, toffee, aerated and deposited masses, candy bars and fondant, as well as many other specialised products belong to their main field of activity.  

At interpack, KPH will show the largest hard candy line worldwide, with a throughput of 4,000 kg/h, new cooking solutions in industrial and laboratory scale as well as complete processing solutions in conjunction with its partner Proform.  

The company’s hard candy line includes theContigrav weighing system and the crystal-free pre-cooking of the slurry byCrossflowcookers, which have been specially developed for the confectionery industry. The final cooking procedure is supported by a secondCrossflowcooker for sugar and glucose recipes and by theRotamat, a dynamic cooker supplied to process recipes containing milk.  

After evaporation and vacuumizing of the ready cooked mass in theSucroliner, the mass is extracted by extraction screws and the ingredients are homogeneously added through the dynamic mixing-screws. Acid can be added in liquid or crystal form.  

A conveying system supplies the candy ropes into the batchformers of the downstream installed die forming lines typeStrada. By feeding of two ropes and with two batch rollers into one common rope sizer type HZU, two-color candies can be produced on this line.

TheSucroliner’scapabilities integrate large-volume output under automated conditions with incredible product flexibility. It is not only possible to run with four fruit flavors at a time, forming a ready mix in a bag at the end, but also feasible to combine caramelized milk candies with common fruit candies.  

TheSucrolineris available in executions for high sugar:glucose ratio of up to 70:30.

Water reduction systems as well as energy recovery systems are developed for economical production processes.  

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At Interpack, stop by booth A25, hall 4


At Interpack 2011, NID will proudly launch its new generation of high-speed mogul lines and depositing pumps. With more than 600 moguls sold worldwide over the last 53 years, NID’s  traditional reliability and performance is well known in the confectionery industry.

The new mogul lines will feature such innovations as depositing pumps that easily slide out for “off machine cleaning” ensuring no production time is lost due to cleaning the depositing pumps between production runs.

The under-hung dust extraction system in the demoulding section ensures a starch dust-free zone in the starch moulding room.

All critical functions of the mogul are controlled by servo drives via a PLC. The operator interface features easy to use and understand touch screen, conveniently located on an articulated arm close to the depositor section.

The NID tray size pump with tray lift and in conjunction with the precision of the walking beam permits the production of high-quality articles from all traditionally deposited confectionery such as jellies, gums and aerated masses, even those that have been previously difficult to deposit such as high solids.

The expanded depositing pump range gives new and existing NID mogul owners the choice of choosing their preferred style of pump, be it a valve bar pump or the rotary valve pump. The NID rotary valve pump also offers precise depositing control matching that of the valve bar style.

Both pump styles are offered in a full range of pump configurations (e.g. side by side, universal or tri-color) and are designed to produce traditionally deposited confectionery masses ranging from one color per piece, side-by-side colored articles or center-in-shell articles depositing up to six colors per tray (nine in the case of the tri-color pumps).

A wide range of product layout configurations can be achieved using the same pump and interchanging the nozzle plates.  

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At interpack, visit booth D24, hall 3.


Petzholdt-Heidenauer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau International GmbH is a company with a tradition of more than 170 years in developing and producing special machines for cocoa processing and chocolate mass production.  

They are one of the leading manufacturers of five-roll refiners in the field of chocolate mass production.  

With innovations, such as their fineness measuring device HMB, they have enabled our customers to use our five-roll refiners at higher levels of automation and efficiency, as well as providing even more uniform comminution results.  

Noticeable increases in output are achieved with our new five-roll refiners of the type HFS180S.  

It is generally known that fineness and throughput depend on the size of the last gap and the transport rate of speed through that gap.

The transport rate of speed may be increased by using a higher rotation speed or by increasing the diameter of the roll.  

The rotation speed cannot be increased significantly beyond today’s usual levels – due to increasing centrifugal forces and the resulting increased spin-off of chocolate mass particles from the roll surface, as well as the thermal stability of the rolls. 

An increase of the roll diameters, on the other hand, allows higher transport rates of speed in the final gap, meaning higher throughput while simultaneously limiting centrifugal forces to a level more compatible with refining of chocolate mass. Thus, a larger roll diameter has a positive impact on thermal conditions, among other things, due to its larger roll surface area or cooling, as well as the mechanical stability of the rolls.  

The footprint and thus the required floor space, is the same as that of our familiar HFS five-roll refiners, which facilitates the replacement of existing machinery with the same working width in the same place is possible without any problem.  

Using the same floor space and with a machine height increased by just 200 mm, their new HFS Super five-roll refiners achieve a significantly higher throughput at unchanged rates of fineness compared to their previous HFS refiners.  

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At interpack, Sollich will exhibit a wide range of equipment presenting the latest innovations at its booth B07/C08 in hall 3. The range of the manufacturing programme will be highlighting intensive research and development activities of the past years.  

The machinery shown on the exhibition will include various types of the newTURBOTEMPERTOP tempering machines in different sizes and executions. The new developed machines are the result of continuous R&D work at Sollich and together with the company’s automaticTEMPERGRAPH– suitable for measuring the degree of temper in chocolate – reflect the highest level of  tempering technology. This combination will be present with a variety of sieving, mixing and aroma dosing systems.  

Furthermore, different chocolate enrobing machines with working widths between 320 and 1,300 mm as well as one caramel enrober typeCARAMAT1050 will be shown. All models can be used with auxiliary equipment such as decorator, sprinkler and truffle rolling device. From Sollich’s family of enrobers, a newly developed mini enrobing machine typeMINICOATERTTS 420 together with twoMINITEMPERmachines, type TFD 100 and TFP 300, will also be shown. Another machine displayed at the booth  will be theSOLLCOTOPunit, which is suitable for almost all fluid enrobing materials such as chocolate, compound or hot and cold icings.

Visitors to the booth will also see aCONBARbar forming line in two different executions including slitting, spreading and cutting station for cereal and candy bars. Diverse cooling tunnels types, with polyurethane covers and stainless steel covers, will be presented in combination with forming and enrobing lines.  

The SollichSOLLCOFILLmachine, suitable for the deposit of caramel, fondant and nut pastes or jelly onto biscuits, will be on display in combination with aSOLLCOCAPsandwiching unit type. A variety of praline forming machines including theSOLLCOFORMtype SFP 800 as well as a Cluster Former CF 1050 will completes the lineup of equipment that will be shown at interpack.  

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At interpack, stop by booth C07, hall 3.

Union Confectionery Machinery Co.  

Union Confectionery Machinery Co., a fourth-generation, family-owned business since 1912, is the world’s largest supplier of second-hand, used and rebuilt machinery for the confectionery, food, packaging, processing and biscuit industries. Their firm’s world headquarters are located in New York and consist of a 270,000-sq.-ft. building that contains sales and executive offices, a full rebuilding facility, massive warehousing and shipping and receiving areas.  They also operate a similar plant in Mexico.  

Their customer base is worldwide and encompasses a wide range of clients from Fortune 100 firms to small and mid-sized, family-owned and corporate entities. Union can supply modern used and rebuilt machinery solutions for manufacturers in many different fields including chocolate production, sugar confectionery, biscuit and general packaging applications.  

They are major suppliers of quality equipment from well-known Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM)s such as SIG/Sapal, Bosch, APV Baker, ACMA/GD, Rasch, Klöckner Hänsel and many others.  

They can supply everything from an individual machine to a complete turnkey plant while offering technical assistance for plant design, formulation and general engineering.

Union offers different levels of rebuilding capabilities, including the delivery of equipment in working order to complete refurbishment with lengthy guarantees against the work performed. Each project is unique and treated as such to tailor customer requirements to the individual job.  

Among their many other services, Union is the world leader in the appraisal, auction and liquidation of idle and redundant plants worldwide. They can help you to recover your investment from an individual idle or redundant machine to a complete turnkey plant. They have conducted sales of this nature in almost every country in the world.  

Their greatest assets are knowledge and experience and they realize that their worldwide customer base is always in need of information. That is why they have built the world’s largest electronic database and incorporated their inventory, as well as other sales activities, into their world-class website.  

As a fourth generation, family-owned concern, they understand the need for quality, service and fast accurate response and they continue to travel the world to service their clients.  

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At interpack, stop by booth E/03, hall 1.