The Winter Fancy Food show spotlighted more than 80,000 speciality products, including these snacks:

Pecan Rum Popcorn
Artisan Candies, San Jose, Calif.
(408) 267-7090
The new Pecan Rum caramel corn is made with pecans tossed in a caramel coating plus a hint of dark rum, making it truly fit for a pirate. All of the company’s caramel corn is made with the finest ingredients and no preservatives - creamy butter, brown sugar, and natural flavors. Artisan Candies also presented their Pecan Logs at the Fancy Food Show.
S.R.P.: (5.5-oz. bag) $5.00

Dufflet Small Indulgences Crunchuffs
Chocolate Signatures LP, Toronto, Canada
(416) 234-8528
Dufflet Small Indulgences Crunchuffs are puffed rice treats combined with caramel, almonds as well as chocolate, and they come in a pint container. These treats are GMO-free, contain no corn syrup or gluten, and are made with all-natural ingredients. They are available in milk or dark chocolate. The company also showed their Brownie Points at the Fancy Food Show.
S.R.P.: (1-pint container) $7.99