Goalz has debuted keto-friendly chocolate made without sugar and sugar alcohols.

Founder Michelle Oten created the brand after searching for chocolate that would satisfy her chocolate addiction but not derail her health goals. She spent two years researching and experimenting with ways to achieve a similar taste and texture of the traditional chocolate without sugar. Her research led her to allulose, a rare ingredient mainly found in figs that sweetens like sugar but won’t spike blood sugar.

Goalz Chocolate is low-carb, vegan and made from three simple ingredients: cocoa beans, prebiotic fiber and allulose. Goalz Chocolate doesn’t contain oils, preservatives, fillers, soy lecithin or anything artificial.

“As a lifelong chocolate lover, I’m so proud of Goalz because the chocolate can really stand up for itself in any taste test,” Oten said. “And not just when it’s compared with sugar-free chocolate. Our customers agree - it tastes like the finest, artisanal chocolate you’d find in Europe, and you’d never guess it’s sugar-free.”

Available on its own or with California Almonds, Sicilian Pistachios, Oregon Hazelnuts, Mediterranean Sea Salt, or Organic Coconut Flakes all sourced from sustainable farms, Goalz Chocolates range from 60% to 65% cocoa. With a commitment to sustainability, all Goalz chocolates are made-to-order in California. Plus, the company only sources cocoa from co-ops in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Indonesia and Brazil where farmers are supported and trained on both sustainable farming methods and socioeconomically thriving community building.