Wine lovers, rejoice. 
SugarSin, a London-based confectionery shop, has added rosé gummies to its line of cocktail-inspired treats. 
“Our aim is to offer a wide product range, both in terms of flavors, textures and product presentation,” Anna Nilsson, SugarSin co-owner and co-founder, told Candy Industry in 2016. “We want our range to be unique and to offer sweets that customers can’t find in other stores in the U.K. We work closely with factories that produce sweets for us and we also import sweets from the best factories in Europe.”
Infused with real rosé, the soft, gluten-free gummies are blended with a hint of strawberry and sprinkled with sour sugar crystals. These join three other cocktail-themed — yet alcohol-free — gummies:
  • Classic Prosecco: Made with real prosecco, these classy gummies have a rich, juicy texture.
  • Fizzy Prosecco: Infused with real sparkling prosecco and sprinkled with fizzy sugar crystals.
  • Cuba Libre: Filled with the perfect blend of spiced rum and bubbly cola, these soft Havana gummies are juicy and surprisingly flavorful.
Last year SugarSin relocated to Covet Garden, opening a store that earned it a nomination for the 2016 Retail Interiors Award for Best Small Store. The location features black-and-white candy-striped flooring, hanging glass bubbles, harlequin wall tile patterns and licorice rope-effect pillars.