National Raisin Company,  Fowler, Calif.

Raiselsare the newest twist on sun-dried grapes. They’re golden raisins coated with sour flavors, like Sour Peach Pucker and Sour Lemon Blast. The makers claim they’re a healthy alternative to candy, cookies and gummy fruit treats because they feature 100% of the U.S. recommended daily allowance for vitamin C, are fat free, cholesterol free and have no high fructose corn syrup and no sodium. They’re packaged in traditional raisin boxes, and are sold in six-pack retail units designed for horizontal and vertical display. Each box also has a joke on the back, such as “What did the boxingRaisel ask for at the barber’s? An upper cut!”

Ingredient List (Sour Peach Pucker):Golden raisins, sugar, natural flavor, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sulfur dioxide.
S.R.P.: $1.99 for a six pack brick containing six 1.25-oz. (35 grams) cartons