GEA Food Solutions is continuously developing innovative solutions for the confectionery market, such as the GEA Aquarius FlatFormWrap high-capacity unit. This high-capacity, lollipop forming and wrapping machine offers the highest speeds in the market. 

Based on more than 20 years’ experience in form wrapping, this new range of machines is designed for continuous production up to 1,000 lollipops per minute. These machines can produce flat, 3-D, fancy as well as spherical lollipops, which enables confectionery producers to start a high-quality and high capacity lollipop line  immediately.

The machines incorporate a steady positioning system from discharge out of the die set to gripper chain towards the wrapping area. This system ensures that the lollipops will be transported smoothly in one position through the sealing roles. The film is pre-heated to enable lower sealing temperatures, which reduces film sticking. The pressing system has also been revised to further enhance the appearance of the lollipop shape. 

Another lollipop innovation that will be displayed at the show involves labeling, which adds appeal when merchandising lollipops in a competitive market. As a result, GEA Food Solutions has developed two new labeling options for its high-speed GEA Aquarius BunchWrapper machines:  the “label on stick” and an innovative option that inserts a sticker or tattoo inside the wrapping.

The label-on-stick solution results in a label around the lollipop stick with two perfectly flat surfaces that can be used for marketing purposes. The new system combines speed with accuracy, enabling continuous label application right up to 800 lollipops per minute, depending on machine type. At present, no other label-on-stick solution can match this.

The company will also debt the sticker/tattoo labeler, which enables lollipop manufacturers to include a label inside the wrapping film. These new labels help differentiate products, enhance attractiveness and offer added value to consumers via the inserted stickers/tattoos.


 For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth B09, in hall 07a.