Candy Industry is getting a makeover! 

This month we’re launching:

  • A new, modern logo
  • A redesigned website that’s easier to use
  • Updates to our eNewsletter

First, the logo. The new style and clean lines of our new logo conveys how seriously we take the work we do here at Candy Industry. Afterall, at our core, we strive to be the best independent news source for the global confectionery industry. 

It’s not all serious news here, though. We know how important it is to maintain our sense of fun and whimsy when covering what’s literally the sweetest industry on earth. So the logo also includes a candy icon, and the letters spelling “CANDY” will often appear in a bright pink hue.

It is our hope that all of those elements combined will convey the importance of every aspect of our publication.

Which brings us to the new website. 

The homepage now features a streamlined, easy-to-navigate selection of stories. In addition to that, new backend features will allow us to highlight stories that rise above the day-to-day industry news. The design also allows us more options for multi-media products, including podcasts and videos. 

You’ll also notice that our most popular content is now featured prominently on top of the home page, so that our audience can easily find the stories that matter most to the confectionery industry. 

In addition to all of that, the new website is optimized to work well on any size screen. It automatically reconfigures itself to appear perfectly sized for cell phones, tablets and desktops. 

Our final major change is an updated eNews. We have long sent out a Wednesday eNewsletter, which we call Sweet and Healthy. This year we also started sending out a separate eNewsletter on Mondays to help us to keep the industry up to date on all the breaking news that 2020 brought. 

Starting this month, we will make the Monday eNews permanent and put it under our Sweet and Healthy brand.

We’ll also re-organize the content that’s included in a Sweet and Healthy issue. Specifically we are adding an additional breaking news story and a second new product to each issue. Both sections tend to garner the most interest from our readers, so we’re hopeful that the additional content will help you stay more informed about the topics that matter most to you and your companies. Subscribe to our Sweet and Healthy eNewsletter.

Candy Industry has been through a lot of changes in the last couple years, but we remain committed to covering the industry in ways that truly help you navigate all of the news and trends. We’ll continue to provide insight and analysis as well as breaking news, new product information and event coverage — even when they are held virtually. 

If you have any feedback on any of these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me any time. You can always email me at