SugarSin may be a candy store, but it’s not geared toward kids. The London confectionery shop is focused on young professionals, especially females, and lures them in with incredible design, and European treats.

The store recently opened up in a new location in a leading spot in Covent Garden on the corner of 1 Russell Street. The company is relocating to the space, which opened June 2016. SugarSin originally opened its first store in Dec. 2011, and they are just moving into a better store in the same area.

The new shop, which has been shortlisted as finalist for best store design 2016 at the prestigious Retail Week Interiors Awards in the “best small store” category, is breathtaking.

“We wanted to create a colorful and modern Willy Wonka inspired candy store with a nostalgic touch,” says Anna Nilsson, SugarSin - Fabulous Sweets co-owner and co-founder. “The idea of SugarSin was to create a magic, modern Willy Wonka factory that appealed to grownups as well as children.”

In fact, the design was actually inspired by the candy store in Pippi Longstocking, and features a soft pastel color theme with a bold, candy-inspired interior.

“We love contrasts, and the shop features a great mix of contemporary pick ‘n’ mix shelves, a high gloss pastel pink counter, a retro neon sign and turquoise marshmallow tables filled with sweets in gorgeous apothecary jars,” Nilsson says.

Designed by Barber Design, it’s meant to evoke Sweden, where, “sweets are still common treats for adults as well as children,” says Maria Fortes, with Barber.

“The brief was to create a bright, unique and fun space with an inviting atmosphere in order to showcase SugarSin’s original and irresistible range of products,” Fortes explains. “The fixtures and fittings in the store feature an exaggerated design with strong, bold colors to create a larger-than-life look, which feels both fun and contemporary.”

The store also features, “black and white candy striped flooring, hanging glass bubbles, harlequin wall tile patterns and licorice rope-effect pillars.”

“We played with different materials including diamond-patterned tiles, high gloss tables, and shelf upon shelf of delicious sweet treats displayed in glass jars,” Fortes says.

Of course, the most important thing about a candy store is the actual candy. And here too, SugarSin excels.

“We carry over 200 different types of sweets in our store.” Nilsson says. “We have over 140 flavors in our pick ‘n’ mix (90 percent imported from Europe) and nearly 100 different types in pre-packed boxes, jars and gift bags.”

It’s hard to name a favorite with so much to choose from, but Nilsson says, “Our favorite is our brand new Fizzy Prosecco Gummy bubble that we are launching in August.”

With such a wide selection, it can be hard to decide what exactly to stock.

“Our aim is to offer a wide product range, both in terms of flavors, textures and product presentation,” she says. “We want our range to be unique and to offer sweets that customers can’t find in other stores in the UK. We work closely with factories that produce sweets for us and we also import sweets from the best factories in Europe.”

And they take the job very seriously. As the company’s website explains, “We have travelled the globe tasting countless of sweets with a mission to produce the most unique and delicious gourmet sweets that are just as beautiful to look at as they are to taste.”

And while they used to make incredible popular caramels on site, that’s on hold for the moment in the new location.

“Unfortunately we can’t make them at our new store but hopefully we’ll be able to do it in future stores,” Nilsson says.

Since the new shop is a relocation, Nilsson has been able to draw on her experiences with the first store.

“Running our first store gave us so much experience,” she says. “We really got to know our customer and learned how they shopped and what products they want. This was extremely valuable when planning the new store, especially when designing the store layout.”

Marketing isn’t just about creating a beautiful in-person shopping experience though, so they also have a beautiful website where shoppers can buy their favorite treats. And, the owners rely on social media to get their message out.

“Candy is so visually appealing so for us Instagram is by far the best social media platform to promote or store and products,” Nilsson says. “The store itself is also very insta-friendly and we benefit a lot from customers spreading the word by tagging us on Instagram.

As for the future, SugarSin hopes to open more beautiful candy shops.

“We looking to open up more stores, both in the London area but also in other areas,” Nilsson says. “We have customers from all over the world who absolutely love our store and product range so we can definitely see potential for SugarSin outside the UK as well.”