Hebenstreit is recognized worldwide as the principal manufacturer for state-of-the-art wafer production lines for flat and hollow wafers. Its wafer production lines range from medium to high capacities and are all designed and manufactured in Germany.

Hebenstreit has always designed and built the batter and cream preparation systems that are needed to supply a wafer production line. However, when it came to storing and feeding as well as weighing of the ingredients, it has worked with various subsuppliers. Following the aquisition of the assets and know-how of a German company formerly known under the name of Tecon, Hebenstreit now has the possibilities to design and build this equipment themselves.

The company offers two alternatives for such systems. One is to mount the mixer on load cells so that all the major ingredients are directly weighed into the mixer. Because of the tolerances sometimes required for minor ingredients, these can be pre-weighed before being fed to the mixer.

The other alternative is to weigh all ingredients before feeding them into the mixer. This can either be done with “loss in weight” systems or the ingredients are pre-weighed and then discharged into the mixer.

The first alternative is a very cost-competitive and a compact option that is widely used in the preparation of sugar wafer batter. Depending on the product, ingredients, tolerances and other factors, Hebenstreits’ experts will recommend the most suitable solution for their customers.

In the sugar wafer cones industry, Hebenstreit co-operates with the German company Walterwerk, which manufactures highly specialized equipment for the production of rolled ice cream cones.


 For more information, visit www.hebenstreit.com; at interpack, stop by booth E08, hall 3.