Hebenstreit is recognized worldwide as the manufacturer for state-of-the-art wafer production lines for flat and hollow wafers. Its wafer production lines, which range from medium to high capacity, are all designed and manufactured in Germany.

The scope of supply encompasses equipment for raw material feeding technology, batter and cream mixing systems, baking machines, sheet coolers, conditioning systems, cream spreading and layering machines, cooling units, cutting machines and the necessary downstream equipment for feeding the wafer fingers directly to the wrapping machines or any post-connected equipment such as chocolate enrobers, moulding lines etc.

Product development, formulation improvements and technical support as well as training courses are another very important part of Hebenstreit’s customer service.

Owing to its medium size, Hebenstreit can still support customers with a special personal touch. Hebenstreit is constantly improving its technology, and, as a result, the output of wafer machines has recently been increased significantly.

All Hebenstreit wafer baking machines are supplied with a very strong and robust baking plate carrier that ensures that wafers are baked within a very precise tolerance. The proven technology of using a baking plate carrier in combination with the baking plate has been upgraded.

Using newly designed adjustment features, the evenness of the wafer sheets can be maintained over many years of production. This is of great importance when wafers are being processed in moulded products where the accuracy of the wafers leads to a very efficient usage of chocolate.

A “green burner” technology is applied to bake the wafers with a minimum of energy consumption. This enables wafer manufacturers to meet environmental legislation requirements and makes it easier for them to get the permits required to operate the lines where emissions are regulated.

In cooperation with some of our major customers, Hebenstreit has been undertaking a program of implementing the TPM philosophy to their production lines. TPM involves a complete reassessment of the operation and maintenance of a wafer production line from the view point of the operator and the maintenance engineer.

This has led to a number of minor but very significant improvements to the line to simplify the operation, cleaning and maintenance of the line. For example, windows have been incorporated to areas that need to be monitored from newly introduced central monitoring stations; gauges and controls are clearly color-marked; central lubrication has been added where appropriate; and great care has been taken to make all surfaces easy to clean by removing obstructions and eliminating trap points.

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