Aasted will be exhibiting both chocolate, bakery and confectionery equipment at interpack, five lines in total. Visitors will be able to see the following at the booth:

  • Nielsen slab line for production of granola and nougat bars, presented with an ultrasonic guillotine spreading table, enrobing equipment and cooling tunnel. Bandwidth: 400 – 600 mm.
  • Nielsen enrobing line with the Energy Enrober and Sanitary Design (SD) cooling tunnel. Bandwidth: 1,050 mm.
  • A complete Aasted bakery tunnel oven line for production of cookies, including the Conny Convection Oven and the well-known Alice extruder and depositor. Bandwidth: 1,200 mm. 
  • Aasted chocolate belt line for production of chocolate chips, chunks and chards including the XXL cooling tunnel. Bandwidth: 2,000 mm.
  • The Jensen moulding line with the company’s patented FrozenCone technology among other kinds of auxiliary equipment. Bandwidth: 500 mm.

In addition, the company will be showcasing the following:

  • All our tempering machines plus breaking news within tempering standards in our “Temper Corner,” where Dennis Holmud, senior specialist tempering & chocolate process, will be present.
  • The famous Alice in both single- , double-  and triple-head versions and our well-known Alice Compact unit.
  • Nielsen enrobing equipment including the Tempa 420, Junior, Master and, of course, the Nielsen Energy Enrober version.
  • Auxiliary equipment including aeration and aroma units, the ChocoMeter, as well as a tempering and cooling simulator for laboratory use.

For more information, visit www.aasted.eu; at interpack, stop by booth A03 in hall 2.